You decided to intubate a child and wisely remembered that you should also follow with an NG/ OG after intubation to decompress the stomach.

In order to avoid the blank stare when asked "what size"?

Here's a nice mneumonic about Pediatric "tube" sizes... easy as


Please note ETT = endotracheal tube size

1x ETT = (age/4) + 4 (formula for uncuffed tubes)

2x ETT = NG/ OG/ foley size

3x ETT = depth of ETT insertion

4x ETT = chest tube size (max, e.g. hemothorax)

So for example, a 4-year-old child would get intubated with a 5-0 ETT inserted to depth of 15 cm (3x ETT), a 10Fr NG/OG/foley (2x ETT), and a 20Fr chest tube (4x ETT)

Also, remember that you can use cuffed tubes in any child except neonates but the formula needs to be adjusted as follows:

cuffed endotracheal tube ID (mm) = (age/4) + 3.5
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