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Ian Power
Principles of Physiology for the Anaethetist
The practice of anesthesia, including intensive care medicine and pain management, requires a considerable understanding of normal and abnormal physiology. This is reflected in postgraduate examinations in anesthesia where candidates are questioned in depth about many aspects of physiology.

The second edition of this well-received textbook continues to provide candidates with a 'tailor-made' alternative to more general physiology textbooks, delivering information designed and written specifically with the trainee anesthestist in mind. The authors bring their extensive experience of
teaching physiology to the book in order to improve the understanding of the fundamentals of human physiology in relation to the work of the anesthetist. The content covers the physiology of all the major organ systems, with specific emphasis on the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
In addition, there are special sections on the physioloyg of pain, the physiology of ageing and the physiological effects of specific environments, all highly relevant to anesthetic practice. Diagrams throughout, praised in reviews of the first edition, are used to support the text and to aid
understanding of difficult concepts. The second edition also incoporates a number of new features- learning objectives, areas for reflection and a handy summary of physiological equations. It will remain an invaluable reference throughout anesthetic training and beyond, and a useful revision aid.

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