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واحد من سلسلة كتب Oxford الطبية الأكثر شهرة للأطباء .
كتاب Oxford Handook of Cardiology الاصدار الثانى فى تخصص القلب .

Oxford Handook of Cardiology 2nd Ed

  • Rapid access to essential, clinical information on the wards and in the clinic
  • Assists readers in unfamiliar territory and is an aide-memoire for the basics
  • Includes specialist sections on common diagnostic tests, management of cardiac problems in pregnancy and cardiology in less developed countries, as well as a new chapter on drugs for the heart
  • Fully updated and revised, including the latest guidelines
contents of Oxford Handook of Cardiology 2nd Ed

تحميل Oxford Handook of Cardiology 2nd Ed