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تعتبر سلسلة كتب First Aid من اهم و افضل مصادر المذاكرة للمعادلة الأمريكية USMLE ،
و عدد كبير جداً بيعتمد عليها كمصدر اساسى و رئيسى للتحضير و المذاكرة للجزء الأول من المعادلة الأمريكية Step 1

كتاب First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 فى إصداره الأخير لعام 2023 .

Screenshot 2024-03-16 222458.png

  • الكتاب يحتوى على محتوى كامل و شامل يتم تحديثه سنويا للدراسة للجزء الأول من المعادلة الأمريكية Step 1
  • يساهم فى هذا الكتاب الألاف من الطلاب الذين تخطوا امتحان الجزء الأول بنجاح تحت اشراف كامل من كبار اعضاء هيئة التدريس
  • كما انه يحتوى على اكثر من 1300 معلومة يجب معرفتها مدرجة باسلوب و فن الإستذكار
  • ايضا يحتوى الكتاب على اكثر من 1200 صورة و رسمة توضيحية ملونة تساعدك على تصور العمليات و نتائج الفحص

This edition represents an outstanding revision in many ways, including:
  • A complete framework for USMLE Step 1 preparation, annually updated with crowdsourced contributions from thousands of students
  • Updated exam preparation advice for USMLE Step 1 pass/fail, Step 1 blueprint changes, and COVID-19 impacts
  • New section on communication skills reflects the latest Step 1 content
  • New focus on diversity, equity and inclusion incorporates race and ethnic considerations, as well as gender neutral terminology
  • Nearly 1,400 must-know topics with mnemonics to focus your study
  • 1,200+ color photos and illustration—170+ new or revised—help you visualize processes, disorders, and clinic findings
  • Rapid Review section for efficient last-minute preparation
  • Bonus material and real-time updates exclusively at FirstAidTeam.com

Dwonload First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 2023 PDF

Dwonload First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 2022 PDF

التعديل الأخير:
Updated With The Last Edition

This edition represents an outstanding revision in many ways, including:
  • 50 entirely new or heavily revised high-yield topics reflecting evolving trends in the USMLE Step 1
  • Reorganization of high-yield topics in Pharmacology, Endocrine, and Reproductive chapters for improved study.
  • Extensive text revisions, new mnemonics, clarifications, and corrections curated by a team of more than 30 medical student and resident physician authors (who excelled on their Step 1 examinations) and verified by a team of expert faculty advisors and nationally recognized USMLE instructors. We invite you to take a look at some of these sample revisions.
  • Updated with 178 new and revised diagrams and illustrations as part of our ongoing collaboration with USMLE-Rx and ScholarRx (MedIQ Learning, LLC).
  • Updated with 75 new and revised photos to help visualize various disorders, descriptive findings, and basic science concepts. Additionally, revised imaging photos have been labeled and optimized to show both normal anatomy and pathologic findings.
  • Updated study tips on the opening page of each chapter.
  • Improved integration of clinical images and illustrations to better reinforce and learn key anatomic concepts.
  • Improved organization and integration of text, illustrations, clinical images, and tables throughout for focused review of high-yield topics.
  • Revised and expanded ratings of current, high-yield review resources, with clear explanations of their relevance to USMLE review.

Download First Aid For The USMLE Step 1 2020 PDF
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