Surgery Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery 2nd Edition

الأطلس الأكثر من رائع فى تخصص جراحة التجميل Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery 2nd Edition
و اللى بيقدم معلومات كاملة و شاملة عن cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology

و بيركز على موضوعات معينة تحديدا و هى laser surfacing, blepharoplasty, chemical peels, hair removal, face lifts and hair transplantation


[BGCOLOR=rgb(26, 188, 156)]Features of Atlas of Cosmetic Surgery PDF[/BGCOLOR]
  • Developed by field leaders and renowned cosmetic surgeons which means you get to learn from their years of experience in the field.
  • The book provides a surgeon eye view of the important cosmetic surgeries and a step-by-step guide into how these procedures are performed.
  • High-definition and full-color illustrations of various procedures such as liposuction, botox injections, and hair transplantation.
  • A great deal of content has been dedicated to discussion i.e patient selection, risk and complication management and pre and post-operative care.
  • Anesthesia techniques for each cosmetic procedure.

[BGCOLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]Table of Contents[/BGCOLOR]
  1. Understanding the Cosmetic Surgery Patient
  2. Understanding Facial Expression
  3. Aging and Photoaging
  4. Evaluation of the Aging Face
  5. Imaging
  6. Anesthesia
  7. Office-based Sedation and Monitoring
  8. Topical Skin Care
  9. Skin Camouflage
  10. Chemical Peels
  11. Lasers in the Treatment of Vascular Lesions

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