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    FRCA اكتر من ٣٠ كتاب لامتحانات ال MCQ للزمالة البريطانية و الدبلومة الاوروبية للتخدير

    مجموعة من اكتر من ٣٠ كتاب من اهم و افضل الكتب للتدريب و المذاكرة لامتحانات ال MCQ للزمالة البريطانية و الدبلومة الاوروبية للتخدير FRCA & EDAIC و اللي تقدر تعتمد عليها بشكل كامل ان شاء الله للامتحانات ،، الكتب من مصادر مختلفة و اعوام مختلفة و بنظام شرح الاجابات ،، سيتم التحديث باستمرار
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    Anesthesiology Physics for the Anaesthetic Viva 1st Edition

    Physics for the Anaesthetic Viva is a succinct and practical text that comprehensively covers all aspects of the physics and clinical measurement curriculum for the FRCA examinations. Each section begins by explaining the basic science concepts, which are then expanded and related to everyday...
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    Anesthesiology Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia: Foundations and Clinical Application

    Pharmacology and physiology are the foundation of every anesthesia provider’s training and clinical competency. Pharmacology and Physiology for Anesthesia: Foundations and Clinical Application, delivers the information you need in pharmacology, physiology, and molecular-cellular biology, keeping...
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    Anesthesiology The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book

    The Anaesthesia Science Viva Book contains detailed, accessible summaries of the core questions in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical measurement that may be asked in the oral section of the Final FRCA exam. In addition to comprehensive updating of all the topics, this edition...
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    Anesthesiology The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book 2nd Edition

    واحد من الكتب المهمة و الرئيسية لامتحانات الزمالة البريطانية FRCA و امتحانات الدبلومة الاوروبية EDAIC The second edition of the hugely popular The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book builds on the success of the first by providing a thorough review of short and long case questions typically given to...
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    Anesthesiology Dr Podcast Scripts for Final FRCA

    Our anaesthetic podcasts are written by successful candidates who have insight and experience of the exams, and are reviewed by experienced consultants who have detailed knowledge of the education standards. With a podcast from Dr Podcast, you can listen to the perfect exam answer, experience...
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    الدبلومة الاوروبية فى التخدير EDAIC

    الدبلومة الاوروبية فى التخدير و العناية المركزة ( EDAIC ) ، دبلومة مهنية من جزئين امتحانات .. و تعتبر من الطرق البديلة لاطباء التخدير للسفر و العمل فى انجلترا ، دة بالاضافة الى مميزات الدبلومة دى فى مصر و اللى هنتكلم عنها بالتفصيل . فـ التوبيك دة هتكلم عن الدبلومة الاوروبية فى التخدير فى مصر...
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    Anesthesiology Fundamentals of Anaesthesia 4th Edition

    Fundamentals of Anaesthesia is the gold standard text for the Primary FRCA, encapsulating the basic principles of modern anaesthesia in one easily accessible volume. Written and edited by experts with extensive FRCA examination experience, this text deliberately blends the expertise of invited...
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    Anesthesiology Clinical Notes for the FRCA (FRCA Study Guides) 3rd Edition

    There are a multitude of books aimed at the FRCA examination, but Clinical Notes for the FRCA deserves particular mention...This book aims to facilitate learning by reviewing current anaesthetic literature and presenting key information in a detailed but concise manner. I believe it is very...
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    Anesthesiology Dr Podcast Scripts for the Primary FRCA

    Dr Podcast provides podcasts of questions and model answers for the whole FRCA syllabus. You’ll have the model answer presented to you in just the way the examiners expect to hear it. Using Dr Podcast you can listen to the perfect exam answer, experience the format of the questions you are...
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    Anesthesiology Dr Podcast Scripts for the Primary FRCA 1st Edition

    Dr Podcast is a great way to revise for the primary FRCA viva, and has been met with widespread enthusiasm from exam candidates. It provides questions and model answers for the whole syllabus. This book provides the scripts of all 90 individual podcasts from the Dr Podcast Primary FRCA...
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    Anesthesiology MCQS For The Primary FRCA

    واحد من الكتب الأساسية و المهمة جدا للتحضير لامتحان الجزء الاول من الزمالة البريطانية للتخدير Primary FRCA This book contains 540 questions in 6 papers as they might appear in the examination. Each paper has 90 questions, each with 5 parts. There are 30 physiological questions, 30 pharmacology...