1. MaHmOuD MyStErO

    Anesthesiology Dr Podcast Scripts for the Primary FRCA 1st Edition

    Dr Podcast is a great way to revise for the primary FRCA viva, and has been met with widespread enthusiasm from exam candidates. It provides questions and model answers for the whole syllabus. This book provides the scripts of all 90 individual podcasts from the Dr Podcast Primary FRCA...
  2. MaHmOuD MyStErO

    Anesthesiology MCQS For The Primary FRCA

    واحد من الكتب الأساسية و المهمة جدا للتحضير لامتحان الجزء الاول من الزمالة البريطانية للتخدير Primary FRCA This book contains 540 questions in 6 papers as they might appear in the examination. Each paper has 90 questions, each with 5 parts. There are 30 physiological questions, 30 pharmacology...